On Intranets 2.0 : one person but several roles and attitudes

Summary : There's, in the 2.0 mythology, a belief according to which tomorrow's intranets will be nothing more than social networks and where individuals will be more important than the traditional organic components of...

Intranet : too many messages, not on right screen says Jean-Paul Chapon (Société Générale)

The web and its social conventions are game changers for communication managers. New tools, postures, an intranet mutating into digital workplaces. That raises many questions. First for intranet and communication managers. With a profusions of...

Will 2.0 learn the enterprise ?

As I wrote in a previous post, all the required conditions are gathered for serious things to begin. Most of times, when a new phenomenon emerges, it goes through the following steps : ecstasy...

The Digital workplace : both fragmented and integrated

At the end of the latest Enterprise Digital Summit in spring 2016, I left you with some thoughts about the digital workplace. In short : 1°) The monolithic and hypercentralized environment that meets every need does...

Are notifications our new plague ?

How many notifications do you receive every day ? 10 ? 50 ? 100 ? Our days are punctuated by the notifications we receive from message, business, media... apps. Chopped would even be more...

Enterprise 2.0 vs Productivity

It's been a long time since my last post but there are times It's hard to keep alive two blogs in different languages. A few weeks ago the debate rose in the french blogosphere...

Let me introduce you blueKiwi 2009

Many of you asked me if I can share the slides of the new blueKiwi edition (aka bk2009) unveiling. So I managed to get an english version to share with you. And for screenshot addicts...

My definition of an intranet

A few times ago, I saw a discussion about the definition of an intranet. I realised that is was not so easy... an intranet has so many different sides, and there are so...

How do good enterprise 2.0 idea perish

No comment. A good way to understand how old habits (sometimes) prevent good ideas to turn into successful projects. enterprise 2.0, enterprise-social-software, idées, Innovation, intranet, management-des-idées, social-software

Transform usages and boost social networks adoption with email

Summary : there's no biggest enemy for any enterprise social network than the email it's supposed to replace and that will remain central on user's screen for years through its client. What is a...

Enterprise 2.0 : the CISCO case

You must have noticed how many posts have been published about Cisco these late days. The US giant seems to be the first example of global enterprise 2.0 or, at least, to be the...

Why answering people’s questions ?

One of the main interests of an intranet 2.0 is its ability to favor exchanges and interactions. At the time organization have to be not only productive but also intelligent and when knowledge workers...

Enterprise 2.0 and social business : what to expect in 2012 ?

Résumé : what will be the enterprise 2.0 / social business in 2012 ? It will highly depends on choices organizations will make to deal with the paradox of finding ways to go out...

Archivists : a new performance lever

Everything started with this note about Lille Business school and some talks with an archivist, a job I didn't know at all, or, as a lot of people, a job I thought I knew...

Enterprise social networks are not (only) corporate communication tools

Summary: social networks are great communication tools and that's why many organization try to find them a place in their intranet landscape. This is sometimes confusing because they are not communication tools in the...

About cultural differences on intranets

Following my quick synthesis of the report of best intranet practices, a few questions inspired by Jane McConnel and Razorfish people's comments on both my french and english blogs. - In wich ways cultural differences...

2.0 adoption : management matters

There are sentences you read as divine messages since they bring an approach to 2.0 adoption that seems to fit much more enterprises stakes and context than tools-centric visions do. Seen on Euan Semple's blog,...

Are you swine flu-ready ?

Swine flu, or more exactly Influenza A H1N1 (that has nothing porcine) is waiting close to our doors and is a real threat to businesses. Ok, we should stop spreading doom and gloom. I...
The Digital Renaissance of Work

The Digital Renaissance of work : a phygital journey

The evolution of the work environment in a digital era is not only, as many think, about the digital workplace or the intranet. No one should expect an application to work in an environment...

Blogs increase IBM’s intranet readership

As we all now, IBM counts thousands bloggers. What people often ignore is that IBM also have internal blogs that preceded the public blogs. In this interview, Christopher Barger, IBM's "chief blogging officer" tels something...
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