Candidate.ID: how to nurture your candidate base

Another startup that caught my attention in Unleash Amsterdam: Candidate.ID. I had already spotted them and talked to them last year and I took the opportunity to look at their product in more detail. They...

Pathmotion: improve the storytelling of your employer brand

After Golden Bees, Pathmotion is the second startup I spotted at Unleash18 in Amsterdam. For me Pathmotion is a natural evolution of HR marketing and candidate experience for different reasons. The first is that just as...

Discover Golden Bees: programmatic marketing for recruitment

Golden Bees is one of the startups that caught my attention at Unleash18. It is a solution that for me is at the crossroads of two strong trends: 1°) The consumerization of the organization: the...

#UNLEASH18 Day 2: a short tour of the vendors and startups

After a first one dedicated mainly to business approaches, for this second day at Unleash18 Amsterdam I looked more at vendors and startups. Before coming back to some of these points in more detail,...

Is the feedback applications market saturated ?

This year again, feedbacks apps were very well represented at the  Unleash conference in London. Feedback apps : a response to an essential need Feedbacks are a cornerstone of modern management if not of any modern...

Culture, engagement and leadership : there’s no app for that !

app, application, culture, engagement, leadership, Ressources Humaines, unleash, unleash18

Being digital in 2018 : find your actual IT ennemy

Every time business people talk about digital transformation and the hurdles they face, you can be sure that one of the first thing they will mention is IT. IT prevents business departments from moving fast,...

Employees and customers : one single app to manage them all ?

consumérisation, CRM, expérience employé, logiciel, relation client, Ressources Humaines, rh, sirh

Why such a frenzy about HR Bots ?

chatbots, relation client, relation employé, Ressources Humaines, service employé, chatbots HR,gestion de la relation employé,

Video and P2P : how learning is being consumerized

When I speak about digital transformation I often say that it's enterprise consumerization. The idée behind that is that anything that is done for the client should be done as soon as possible for...

A software that helps to streamline processes ? Run away !

When I look at what B2B vendors say I notice deep changes. While the message has always been about operations efficiency, it's now focusing more on the end user, on the employee experience. "Your...

If you want to get rid of the cloud do it the cloud way

The cloud is without any doubt the new model for enterprise IT. Tomorrow a large part - if not the whole - of enterprise IT will be in the cloud (but beware of easy...

HRIS upside down

bots, CRM, employee relationship management, expérience employé, hr bots, plateforme, Ressources Humaines, robots, service employé, sirh

Axa’s IT transforms for a digital world. An interview with David Guillot de...

During the the Vivatech conference that took place in Paris from june 30th to July 2nd and gathered 5000 startups, investors, 500 speakers and 45 000 attendees I spent some time on the AXA...
Microsoft acquires linkedin

Microsoft buys linkedin : lessons and concerns

The recent acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft for $26.2 billion was the biggest news of the last weeks. This move tells us a lot about the industry but also raises some concerns. Microsoft owns the...
Digital workplace fragmentation

Fixing the digital workplace fragmentation issue. Discussion with Richard Hughes (Broadvision).

A few weeks ago I wrote about the issues raised by the fragmentation of the digital workplace. That's a very important matter and I had the chance to go further into it during a...
Interoperable social IS

A praise for an interoperable social information system

The collaborative digital environment is getting more and more complex. The belief in a unique platform able to cover anyone's needs is collapsing. Either because a lack of governance or because a one size...
Saas and change

Is Saas a change killer ?

If technologies makes major improvement possible, it's not self sufficient. In the last decade we saw the the adoption of software allowing to reinvent operations, work, business process and, on the other, it seems...
Facebook at Work

6 months with Facebook at work : my feedback

Facebook at Work : stroke of genius or huge joke ? Like many people, that's the question I had in mind when the enterprise edition of Facebook was announced. So I was both curious,...
Digital Agility Test

The Digital Agilty Test introduced by David Castera

Employee are at the center of the digital transformation of any business. First because their Digital IQ is the limit of the digital potentiel of the organization, secondly because the most advanced ones are...
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