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Digital transformation : The return of custom software ?

Businesses must be agile to keep the pace of the new business cases of digital transformation. In this context, the cloud looks like a mandatory turn for whom wants to be fast enough. It's...
Digital Agility Test

The Digital Agilty Test introduced by David Castera

Employee are at the center of the digital transformation of any business. First because their Digital IQ is the limit of the digital potentiel of the organization, secondly because the most advanced ones are...

What is a social intranet or an intranet 2.0 ?

Summary : Everybody's talking about social intranets or intranet 2.0 but none have a clear idea of what it can look like. Between the myth of intranets being replaced by social networks and traditional...

What email has entreprise and social networks don’t

I know that email should be seen as Evil and that eradicating it from the workplace is trendy but there is no getting away from the facts. Except in some very rare cases the promise...

An enteprise social network by Facebook : is it a joke ?

So Facebook would be reportedly preparing an enterprise version of its social network. This is not really new - the information dates from this summer - but it's interesting - or incongruous - enough...

Facebook at Work : What to expect from it ?

It's one of the 2014's biggest rumors becoming true in 2015 : Facebook launches the enterprise version of its social network, named Facebook at Work. What is it ? Nothing more than an enterprise social...

Axa’s IT transforms for a digital world. An interview with David Guillot de...

During the the Vivatech conference that took place in Paris from june 30th to July 2nd and gathered 5000 startups, investors, 500 speakers and 45 000 attendees I spent some time on the AXA...

Enterprise social networks to become free hubs ?

What if the future of enterprise social networks was to become free ? An idea that many - and, most of all, vendors - will find absurd but that came to me after I've...

Being a 100% B2B vendor at the age of IT consumerization

Until then everything was fine. Employees were working with the tools they were given and most of them were impressed by how rich and powerful the enterprise tools were compared to was they had...

HRIS upside down

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Will BYOD become a norm ?

According to a recent Gartner study, BYOD will become widespread in the next years and in 2017 what's optional today may become a norm. It's about allowing employees to use their own personal devices (mobile,...

Social Business Needs Standards (and that’s not an IT matter)

If your internal or external social business initiative, your enterprise social network, digital workplace, rich directory or unified collaborative environment is doing well, I don't need big data or predictive analysis to tell you...
Interoperable social IS

A praise for an interoperable social information system

The collaborative digital environment is getting more and more complex. The belief in a unique platform able to cover anyone's needs is collapsing. Either because a lack of governance or because a one size...
Microsoft acquires linkedin

Microsoft buys linkedin : lessons and concerns

The recent acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft for $26.2 billion was the biggest news of the last weeks. This move tells us a lot about the industry but also raises some concerns. Microsoft owns the...

Social networks and business applications integration : what the hell are vendors doing ?

In short : social network and business applications are the two complementary sides of anyone's work and the tools that support each one should break down the artificial wall that separates them. Vendors are...

Enterprise social networks : focus on philosophy, not technology

I recently had a long discussion on how to choose an ESN (enterprise social network). Of course, many people in the conversation suggested to do it in a well-known and mastered fashion : functional...
Digital workplace fragmentation

Fixing the digital workplace fragmentation issue. Discussion with Richard Hughes (Broadvision).

A few weeks ago I wrote about the issues raised by the fragmentation of the digital workplace. That's a very important matter and I had the chance to go further into it during a...

Recruiting is a matter of marketing and candidate experience

HR and recruiting will, like any corporate function, face the consumerization of the work environment. By saying that I mean that practices, approaches and tools from the consumer world will be used  for employees....

“E-learning is about knowledge acquisition, not about using it at work”. William Peres

In my opinion, what is key to any kind of change is to acquire and adopt new behaviors. It means two things for businesses today : • They must help people on the field to...

Do workers spend a lot of time in their inbox ? So what ?

Summary : we're being told that workers spend too much time on email and that may be true. But contenting ourselves with this single argument to make them switch to other tools is a...
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