Separation between personal and professional time dies hard

Summary : we're being told that the frontier between personal and professional is bluring, that ubiquitous tools are going to make it deprecated. We're also told that that it's a very good thing because...

Is Saas the future of your corporate IT ?

This is one more question that haunts many people's night. More serioulsy, if it doesn't make people stay awakened all nights long, it creates debates and brings some confusion that doesn't help businesses to...

Who’s going to survive in the enterprise social networks jungle ?

There's not a week without the arrival of a new enterprise social network solution (or similar) on the market. Analysts reports can make one's head spin when counting the number of players despite of...

Social Technologies may increase productivity by 25%

Summary : according to a recent McKinsey study, organization may expect a 25% increase in productivity from social technologies. But, behind this appealing headline, the conclusions remain the same : nothing will happen until...

Making the most of key resources in collaboration

Summary : tomorrow's organization will be connected and communicative. This is the only way to success in the knowledge economy. But communication and exchange, which are essential foundations for collaboration, need a sender and...

Does enterprise IT need macro generators ?

In short :despite of noticeable efforts, corporate IT is still very siloed what restrains collaborative and social practices that often need double entry and involve task redundancies. Macro generators like IFTTT try to tackle...

Are we sure people prefer openness rather than constraints ?

One of these last years most important trend that is lasting enought to be more than a fashion, is the switch from a closed and constrained world to an open and flexible one. - from...

Is the Cloud compatible with a platform approach to social IS ?

Is the Cloud, which has been so helpful to make social business initiatives blossom, becoming a limit to their success. That's a legitimate question and me may even fear the answer. As it's been already...

The end of enterprise social networks ?

Summary : social networks won't die but deeply mutate. Since they only cover a small part of user's needs, they show their limits in the same way email did. But rather than dying, their...

Employees are not middleware

Summary : the reason why employees balk at using many of the tools they're provided with is because they are asked to articulate different ways of working and type of informations together and bridge...

Developing and managing information capital to support strategy : can enterprise 2.0 help ?

After some days "off" (too busy at work to take care of my blog), this is the second post of my series about how enterprise may support strategy. After human capital comes information capital. It's...

How to integrate innovation in your organization…with your IT dept.

I'coming back on an article titled "Teaming Up to Crack Innovation Enterprise Integration" and issued in the Harvard Business Review in last november. It has many interests : it's about the vital problematic of...

The future of cloud computing is not necessarily outside the firewall

Discussing wheter companies have to keep their information systemes within their walls or host it, wholly or partly, outside is a central issue. The Saas or "cloud computing" logic majes sens. The time has come...

Hey ! I’m your ERP and I’m talking to you !

I'd like to share some thoughts about what our work environment may look like in a close future if what I think being two main trends manage to reach maturity. The first is "ambient awareness"....
Digital Agility Test

The Digital Agilty Test introduced by David Castera

Employee are at the center of the digital transformation of any business. First because their Digital IQ is the limit of the digital potentiel of the organization, secondly because the most advanced ones are...

Yers and corporate IT : the expected divorce is far from happening

Summary : gen Y-related myths seem to collapse the one after the other. After having been seen as sworn enemies of IT dept's inflexibility because of their behaviors and the usages that come with,...

Enterprise social networking : the difference between voluntary participation and optional membership

Summary : If participation in social networks can only be voluntary, only voluntary people should access the network. Is this assumption, on which many adoption programs are based on, relevant ? It's the result...

Is workload measurement the problem of the century ?

Optimizing workload has always been a key concern for businesses and managers. A too heavy workload regarding to the capacity leads to explosion, a too low workload means resources are wasted. I don't even...

Twitter in enterprises : a question of usage or culture ?

Unless you suffer from a strong myopia, you should have noticed that 2008 big thing was microblogging, embodied by his majesty Twitter. It didn't take a lot of time until twitter clones for internal...

Why such a frenzy about HR Bots ?

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