Tools connect people. But with what ?

summary :tomorrow's enterprise will be connected. And employees too. If they don't they'll become obsolete and useless : success, performance and competitiveness relies on connectivity. That's why businesses have been trying to connect their...
Facebook at Work

6 months with Facebook at work : my feedback

Facebook at Work : stroke of genius or huge joke ? Like many people, that's the question I had in mind when the enterprise edition of Facebook was announced. So I was both curious,...

Do we need a social CRM Magic Quadrant ?

Gartner recently published a new Magic Quadrant about Social CRM (than can be downloaded at Jive with registration). I have no special thought about the content right now but I think the very idea...

What context means in social collaboration

We it comes to social technologies adoption by end users, context is often mentioned as essential. It's now recognized as a pillar that gives meaning to technology and makes it seamless for users to...

Does enterprise IT need macro generators ?

In short :despite of noticeable efforts, corporate IT is still very siloed what restrains collaborative and social practices that often need double entry and involve task redundancies. Macro generators like IFTTT try to tackle...

What’s the next big thing in HCM ? From Human Capital Assessment to Realization

It's a question I asked to myself after having read this note from Thomas Otter who was wondering what will be the next innovation in HCM Software. Even if everything can be improved, I think...
Digital workplace fragmentation

Fixing the digital workplace fragmentation issue. Discussion with Richard Hughes (Broadvision).

A few weeks ago I wrote about the issues raised by the fragmentation of the digital workplace. That's a very important matter and I had the chance to go further into it during a...

Stop saying nonsenses about Facebook and productivity

One day we can read that using Facebook at work increases productivity by 9%. The day after we ear that it decreases by 1,5%. Depending on people's interest, sometimes a liberal attitude is promoted,...

From Google Wave to Social Networks : the social napoleon

For a long time, and because many thought they could import the social web's behaviors in the enterprise as is, the projects aiming at bringing the social dimension within employee's work tried to structure...

Techno populists come to power at Unilever, GE…and in your company ?

I discovered the term "techno-populist" while reading this businessweek article. This expression, originally due to Forrester, designates people who flout their company's IT policies in order to use in their professional lives the tools...

Too much governance leads to ungovernance

IT governance is all the more strategic since it applies to the backbone of the business. As a matter of fact, it's hard to be effective when the strategic line is unknown, when what's...

Did enterprise RSS die before having lived ?

According to a very old tradition which cycles are accelerated by internet and that wants people to get rid of their idols with as much energy as they spent to adulate them, there is...

Information leaks on social networks : that’s not the problem

Summary : businesses see social networks as possible channels for information leaks caused by negligence. What is right. But their retort, that is mainly technological, does not solve anything because social networks are only...

Does enterprise (2.0) need a pilot ?

It started with this provocative post from Michael Idinopulos. His message is quite claire : assuming that enterprise 2.0 relies on networked interactions, that these interations need a critical mass of users not only...

Pathmotion: improve the storytelling of your employer brand

After Golden Bees, Pathmotion is the second startup I spotted at Unleash18 in Amsterdam. For me Pathmotion is a natural evolution of HR marketing and candidate experience for different reasons. The first is that just as...

Will BYOD become a norm ?

According to a recent Gartner study, BYOD will become widespread in the next years and in 2017 what's optional today may become a norm. It's about allowing employees to use their own personal devices (mobile,...

Being a 100% B2B vendor at the age of IT consumerization

Until then everything was fine. Employees were working with the tools they were given and most of them were impressed by how rich and powerful the enterprise tools were compared to was they had...

Participation on Online Communities : can we beat the “natural law” ?

It seems that question of participation rate on online communities is coming back as a major issue. I'd rather say that people are wondering if the rate we notice on the web are still...

2Spark : driving change one minute a day

Is change better driven through heavy and one-shot actions or through daily micro-events on the long term ? Is the anchoring of new knowledge and behaviors more a matter of repetition than of intensity...

HRIS upside down

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