What’s new at Lotus ? Coherence, openness and value

I rencently had the chance to attend Lotusphere in order to gauge the feeling of what what happening at IBM/Lotus. I took some time to write this post because I was not sure of...

Why collaboration with customers and partners is a complicated matter

All businesses want to improve the way they collaborate with their customers and partners. Quite logical. No one creates value alone and two businesses that are very good at internal collaboration won't make the...

Telecommutig and virtual teams : going too far can harm your organization

Applying good ideas is like nervous tension and cholesterol : too few is dangerous, too much can be harmful. The example of telecommuting and its consequence, virtual teams, is very meaninful. Telecommuting is, at least...

Tools connect people. But with what ?

summary :tomorrow's enterprise will be connected. And employees too. If they don't they'll become obsolete and useless : success, performance and competitiveness relies on connectivity. That's why businesses have been trying to connect their...

Does enterprise 2.0 threaten your security ?

Among the many questions businesses have about enterprise 2.0,  this one has an important place. Not because enterprise 2.0 is necessarily dangerous but because any new thing brings a change in a situation that's...

No, technology won’t help you to manage your time

In a world where everything is accelerating, where the multiplication of communication channels is scattering our attention and where the complexity of organizations causes an accumulation of sometimes contradictory priorities, time management becomes a...

I’m more productive when I get rid of the tools I use

After a long reflection I realized that the tools I use were the cause of a high level improductivity. And that the others gives me incredible services. Try to pay attention to this in the...

Eight technology trends for business improvement

As usual it comes from McKinsey and can be downloaded here. It's about distributed innovation, transforming information into business, taking benefits from human interaction, turning customers into partners... enterprise 2.0 without the name.

CIOs don’t care about web 2.0 ? Neither illogical nor grave

A recent Robert Helf survey tells us CTOs seem not to consider web 2.0 as a priority in their projects. I don't find this worrying because it's logical due to the very nature of...

Social performance management : is Frankenstein coming to HR ?

Summary : we know that yearly performance reviews have limits and that it's important to show employees recognition more often. It's also obvious that a large part of what employees do for their employer,...

Is Saas the future of your corporate IT ?

This is one more question that haunts many people's night. More serioulsy, if it doesn't make people stay awakened all nights long, it creates debates and brings some confusion that doesn't help businesses to...

Did enterprise RSS die before having lived ?

According to a very old tradition which cycles are accelerated by internet and that wants people to get rid of their idols with as much energy as they spent to adulate them, there is...

A software that helps to streamline processes ? Run away !

When I look at what B2B vendors say I notice deep changes. While the message has always been about operations efficiency, it's now focusing more on the end user, on the employee experience. "Your...

Email vs social networks : it’s about the client, not the signal

In brief : wondering if there's any reason to use a social network for a private conversation implies that having many tools coexisting is a given, a constraint. But it's not. The given is...

When channels and platforms will merge : new way to communicate in the workspace

When we talk about connected enterprises and interconnected and interdepent employees, it's hard for many people to imagine this kind of reality, to visualize what it may look like in their day to day...

Enterprise 2.0 case studies says “it’s possible”…and nothing more

As usual, when a hange that's both organizational and technological happens, everyone is looking for case studies to be convinced. But as the first solid cases come about social media, it looks like doubt...
Interoperable social IS

A praise for an interoperable social information system

The collaborative digital environment is getting more and more complex. The belief in a unique platform able to cover anyone's needs is collapsing. Either because a lack of governance or because a one size...

If you want to get rid of the cloud do it the cloud way

The cloud is without any doubt the new model for enterprise IT. Tomorrow a large part - if not the whole - of enterprise IT will be in the cloud (but beware of easy...

An internal social network replaces nothing but improves the existing

Summary : A social network ? Yes but to replace what ? How many times did we hear this question at the time this kind of tools was entering the corporate workspace. Considering social...

Communication tools : looks like “déjà vu”

When talking about social media within companies, one of the most common objection is "I don't wan't my people to waste their time writing and discussing, where's the ROI". Of course there are strong arguments...
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