Eight technology trends for business improvement

As usual it comes from McKinsey and can be downloaded here. It's about distributed innovation, transforming information into business, taking benefits from human interaction, turning customers into partners... enterprise 2.0 without the name.

Informationnal overload is a myth

It's also called infobesity and it's said being the cause of all our sorrows. It stresses those who aren't able to manage such an amount of information, it causes losses of productivity and its...

ICC’06 meeting

Last week I attended ICC (french acronym for Innovation, Competitiveness, Knowledge) meeting in Paris. Here are my feelings based on conferences I attended and products I saw. 1°) 2.0 is going mainstream. It's not fashionable...

When Mac Manus glances at french 2.0

A post I enjoyed by Richard Mac Manus, one of the web 2.0 references. On his virtual tour of the state of web 2.0 projects in France, he mentionned two companies I'm very close...

Blogs as a management tool: what’s important is content

If you've read my post about blogs as a management tool, your reaction may (and should) have been "this will generate so much content that it will quickly besome unable". This clear-headed reaction is...
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