Pathmotion: improve the storytelling of your employer brand

After Golden Bees, Pathmotion is the second startup I spotted at Unleash18 in Amsterdam. For me Pathmotion is a natural evolution of HR marketing and candidate experience for different reasons. The first is that just as...

Candidate.ID: how to nurture your candidate base

Another startup that caught my attention in Unleash Amsterdam: Candidate.ID. I had already spotted them and talked to them last year and I took the opportunity to look at their product in more detail. They...

No, technology won’t help you to manage your time

In a world where everything is accelerating, where the multiplication of communication channels is scattering our attention and where the complexity of organizations causes an accumulation of sometimes contradictory priorities, time management becomes a...

#UNLEASH18 Day 2: a short tour of the vendors and startups

After a first one dedicated mainly to business approaches, for this second day at Unleash18 Amsterdam I looked more at vendors and startups. Before coming back to some of these points in more detail,...

A complicated IT experience. Irritant #7 of the Employee Experience

In the mid-2000s there was a lot of talk about the consumerization of IT in the workplace. This term referred to the fact that the uses of the consumer world were going...
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