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From noise to situational intelligence

Sumary : many users say that the problem that enterprise social platforms is the risk of infobesity and informational noise. Reality is more complex. As for infobesity, these platformes only collect information and have...

Managing information and people is not the same thing

Summary : "accept as friend", "add to your network", "follow" are concepts that are more and more present in our personal and business lives. That does not come without human issues. One may be...

The future of business starts at school. Still a long way to go

Résumé :despite enterprises know they need to change the way they work, they make very slow progress at undertaking a deep change process. The unwieldiness ot their organizational structure is not the only reason...

Investing in people ? Are you kidding ?

Summary : the knowledge economy rely on people as an efficiency and growth driver. That's a given. To ensure the competitiveness of businesses in the future, new operating models, frameworks and practices will be...

Making the most of key resources in collaboration

Summary : tomorrow's organization will be connected and communicative. This is the only way to success in the knowledge economy. But communication and exchange, which are essential foundations for collaboration, need a sender and...

Toward a filtered or reduced reality ?

analytics, curators, flows, information overload , Information, knowledge, augmented reality, reduced reality, filtered reality, social analytics, activity stream

Information should go from tool to tool. End users shouldn’t.

Summary : Even if there are lots of discussions on new ways of working and the tools that will make it possible, very little attention is paid to the matter that's being worked and...

Internal communication and social media : move the filter !

Summary : with the coming of social media in the workplace and the need for internal communication teams to let go and don't care about what is not their responsibility, the question of information...

Optimizing the value of time

Summary : time measurement is a permanent concern for any organization because it's tightly connected to productivity : the less time needed to perform a task the more productivity and, so, the less costs....

Sometimes you don’t have an intranet problem but a search problem

Summary : there's a common belief according to which the raise of user generated content will improve information sharing in the workplace. It's obviously a part of the solution but not the whole one....

Toward smarter information systems

Summary : When we talk about working on information, we usually distinguish the work that's been progressively dedicated to machines (mass processing of data according to pre-determined plans) and what remains the field for...

What is a social intranet or an intranet 2.0 ?

Summary : Everybody's talking about social intranets or intranet 2.0 but none have a clear idea of what it can look like. Between the myth of intranets being replaced by social networks and traditional...

Are curators the missing thing in enterprise 2.0 approaches ?

Summary :in a few weeks, a new concept burst into the web : the curator. It can be defined as filter and broadcaster for qualified and targeted information. Is it a new fad or...

What social Media Lack ? Intelligence

Summary : the increasing quantity of information generated by social media and the need for dealing with all this information regardless to its source is a barrier to an effective use that relies on...

Grasp all, lose all : when “liking” is too easy to be true

Either internal or external, social media approaches rely on some well-known principles. Among them are serendipity and wisdom of crowd. Both these principles rely on the emission of social signals that allow, in the...

Managing attention : a key challenge for the future of businesses

I've been willing to tackle this topic for a long time and seing Julien le Nestour's presentation at the last Enterprise 2.0 forum made me feel it was high time to put my thoughts...

What makes the value of shared information ?

As I often say, we often complain about software while the problem is the way we use it. It's the reason why many people consider that the largest part of spam they receive at...

Your knowledge helps you more than your productivity

I've always had an ambiguous feeling about productivity. In the one hand, doing more or faster with the same amount of resources is a significant improvement. In the other hand, with hindsight, we have...

When does the value of a “social object” have to be measured ?

Let's be clear, I'm talking about value, not about ROI (although the one is a part of the other) and about "social objects" in the large sense of the word : everything that can...

Social Media needs a better signal to noise ratio : discovering Microplaza

Information is key for efficient business operations. The way it circulates must be facilitated and fluidified? Everything may be very valuable at a given moment for a given person while being useless for anybody...
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