Remote work is a matter of trust. But trust in whom?

While it has been two months since companies have been immersed in forced remote work, they are beginning to learn the lessons. Already that those who were experienced have discovered the difference...

Management. Irritant #9 of the employee experience

It is often said that an employee joins a company and leaves a manager. This means that management plays an essential role in the employee experience. And it's no surprise that the...

The “remote manager”, weak link in remote work

When talking about remote work, the focus is always on the employee. Will he be able to do it? Can he be trusted? But what about the manager? There is often a...

Remote work imposes a results-oriented culture

For many companies, the main challenge of remote working is to set up the right working methods and collaborative uses at a distance. For the employees it is to find the appropriate...

What COVID-19 teaches us about how organizations work

We are far from the end of the story and no one knows what debriefing of this episode will teach us nor the lessons we will learn from it but observing what...

What are the remote worker’s challenges?

Working remotely isn't just sitting at home in front of a computer and acting like you're at the office. It's not just a problem of pure distance, work or organization, it's also...

The organizational complication: the #1 irritant of the employee experience

A recent barometer of employee experience showed that many of the subjects mentioned were "soft" subjects, very much oriented towards perception and quality. But if you do an in-depth...

Who should be eligible to remote working?

One of the first questions that arises when setting up a remote working approach is "who will be eligible" to remote work. I would prefer to ask "for which cases of use"...

Are you really ready for all cases of remote working ?

In a last post I warned that remote working is not just about sending people home and putting them in front of a screen with a wifi connection, but also about developing...

Everybody Wants to Love Their Job

The question of the relationship between employees and their work and their company remains a subject that is much in the news. It seems that the subject will be eternally topical, which would not...

Liberated company or lean enterprise ?

While everyone is more or less convinced that the "old" business model has lived, it must be recognized that the new model that could replace it has not yet been found or that we...
Customer driven transformation

How to transform your business with design and customer centricity.

Which company does not nowadays claim that customer orientation is its main concern? I wonder what they were thinking before. What we see, in reality, is that the promise made to the client continues to...

There are no disruptive practices, only disruptive leaders

In these times when under pressure from customers, competitors, technological innovation and even employees, the businesses must reinvent themselves, it is tempting to look elsewhere for a ready-to-use model that one only has to...

Why is the human always the last thing an entrepreneur learns to manage?

For many people starting a business is a big leap into the unknown, even if they have significant experience in the business world. And even more so when you are "self-taught", a situation that...

Is empowerment key to employee experience ?

From my point of view, most of the employee's experience takes place during  work. I mean when the person is operational, performs tasks, does his job. What are his points of contact with the company?...

Hyperlean : what the advent of digital really means

Cecil Dijoux, DSI, hyperlean, LEAN, Management, transformation digitale

Is the feedback applications market saturated ?

This year again, feedbacks apps were very well represented at the  Unleash conference in London. Feedback apps : a response to an essential need Feedbacks are a cornerstone of modern management if not of any modern...
team work

Don’t mistake team work for parallel work

Beaucoup d'entreprises ne jurent que par le travail d'équipe et c'est une qualité qu'elles recherchent chezleurs collaborateurs. Mais dans les faits beaucoup se contentent de distribuer les tâches et faire travailler les gens non pas ensemble mais en parallèle.

Scoop : Millenials love work and money !

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Managing generations ? Start with gen X !

Connaissances, generation X, génération Z, generation-Y, générations, Management, Ressources Humaines
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