There are no disruptive practices, only disruptive leaders

In these times when under pressure from customers, competitors, technological innovation and even employees, the businesses must reinvent themselves, it is tempting to look elsewhere for a ready-to-use model that one only has to...

Why is the human always the last thing an entrepreneur learns to manage?

For many people starting a business is a big leap into the unknown, even if they have significant experience in the business world. And even more so when you are "self-taught", a situation that...

Is empowerment key to employee experience ?

From my point of view, most of the employee's experience takes place during  work. I mean when the person is operational, performs tasks, does his job. What are his points of contact with the company?...

Hyperlean : what the advent of digital really means

Cecil Dijoux, DSI, hyperlean, LEAN, Management, transformation digitale

Is the feedback applications market saturated ?

This year again, feedbacks apps were very well represented at the  Unleash conference in London. Feedback apps : a response to an essential need Feedbacks are a cornerstone of modern management if not of any modern...
team work

Don’t mistake team work for parallel work

Beaucoup d'entreprises ne jurent que par le travail d'équipe et c'est une qualité qu'elles recherchent chezleurs collaborateurs. Mais dans les faits beaucoup se contentent de distribuer les tâches et faire travailler les gens non pas ensemble mais en parallèle.

Scoop : Millenials love work and money !

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Managing generations ? Start with gen X !

Connaissances, generation X, génération Z, generation-Y, générations, Management, Ressources Humaines

How can a business rewrite the rules of its industry ?

culture, ecommerce, hiroshi mikitani, livre, Management, marketplace

When the pace of management is slower than the pace of business…

Today, speed is key to business. Jack Welch, GE's former CEO, once said that “If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.”...

Is remote work dead ?

Remote work is a hot topic for more and more businesses. Made popular at the beginning by companies that were "young" in terms of age and management style, it was adopted by lots of...

Protecting the corporate culture is not always good

Corporate culture is a central topic in any transformation project, either digital nor not. For some it's what slows transformation down, for others (whose voice is poorly amplified) it's the lever that make things...

Speed is the new currency of business. And that’s a problem

What is the impact of technology on transformation ? Poor. I usually say that technology helps to bring speed and scale in business operations. But to operate what ? That is the questions. Digitizing...

The employee experience advantage : a reference work on employee experience

Employee experience is a new field and if we're starting to see interesting things happening, there was no real reference book on this topic.  The employee experience advantage by Jacob Morgan is filling this...

Are employees allowed to take ownership of their enterprise ?

In his opening Keynote at the latest HR Tech World conference in London, Ken Robinson talked about creativity and innovation in the enterprise. This is not a new topic regarding customer facing activities but...

Numbers and ROI : please admit when you have no clue

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From Digital Transformation to busting bureaucracy

Digital transformation can mean different things. Some people will focus on customer experience but most of all it's, for a business, acquiring the capabilities to operate at speed and scale on markets that move...

HRTechWorld 2016 : Reinventing HR or inventing something else ?

bureaucratie, consumérisation, disruption, expérience employé, frontalisation, gary-hamel, hretechworld, josh bersin, Management, Ressources Humaines, sirh
Bullshit about generations

Please stop the bullshit about new generations

Every time we think we're finally done with this topic, it comes back loke a boomerang. I'm, of course, talking about the famous "new generations" that will turn businesses upside down, transform its culture,...
Employee Experience

Defining your employee experience (part 2) : the touchpoints

After a first post on how to define the employee experience of a business and make it workable, this one is about how to make it practically happen. As for customer experience, what really matters...
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