Quotations between provocation and good sense

Sometimes I find sentences which are really worth by themselves, that have a lot of meaning, whether in or out of their original context. I often bookmark them but this time I think they're...

The (netvibes) universe for Enterprise 2.0 and knowledge economy is open

I gave up using netvibes to follow RSS feeds a long time ago because if I found it nice to build a home page it was not the right tool for following hundreds of...

Web 2.0 is knocking on French companies’ doors

A few words about a recentTNS Sofres survey about the use of web 2.0 in France and user's expectations. Just one thing to take into consideration : the following numbers are about web 2.0 users...

Einstein thought about Enterprise 2.0 ROI

...in fact he could have ! Didn't he say "What counts cannot alway be counted and what can be counted doesn't always count".

Société Générale : lack of control or systemic failure ?

I'm sure you heard about what happend to French Bank Societe Generale who lost 5 billions euros because of one of its traders. Many question came about the efficiency of the controls which...

Enterprise and management 2.0 : is this the beginning or the end

A few weeks ago I published on my french blog a note about the latest book by Gary Hamel : "The future of management". A few days later I received a comment from his...

Collective intelligence and mass collaboration have to be learned at school

I often say that our teatchers and parents didn't help us to be fully efficient in our professionnal carreer.  Just have a look at all those principles we grew up with : You musn't copy...

The need for agility

I think agility is (and will increasingly be) one of the main cause of success for enterprises. And it's obvious social computing is one of the levers that will help enterprises going this way. Agility...

About social computing in France

This morning I found this very interesting note on headshift, about the French comission report on immaterial economy I mentionned in a former post. The author's view of the "french paradox of internet" is...

Do managers have to spend all their time managing interactions ?

Indeed another way to ask this question would be : "must people be given tools to organize themselves their interactions or is it the manager's job to control everything". In fact you can see both...

A corporate blog to communicate with investors

A post that goes against common ideas. I've often heard a manager or a CEO should not blog, as possible interpretations of his words could get him into troubles according to financial communication rules. A...

Draw me web 2.0…

Dessine moi le Web 2.0 Originally uploaded by bertrand_blog. A few word abouts a very interesting project driven by Groupe Reflect, the leading french web 2.0 agency . "Dessine Moi le Web 2.0" (Draw...

What emails can’t do, and how much they cost

How many emails a day do you receive? And how long does it takes to read it all? 2 hours? How many of them are useful ? 50% ? Considering every people in your...

New position

A few words to say I'm going to join BlueKiwi's team in a few days. It's not just a new job but a real joy to work on a project that matches nearly everything...

When Mac Manus glances at french 2.0

A post I enjoyed by Richard Mac Manus, one of the web 2.0 references. On his virtual tour of the state of web 2.0 projects in France, he mentionned two companies I'm very close...

A few words to companies wich are afraid of corporate blogging and tranparency

"The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about" Oscar Wilde

Fired because of her blog: a french “premiere”

Just when the big question was "is it good for companies to blog?", "are employees' blogs a good or a bad thing?" the french blogosphere woke up with a big headhache when we learned...

Blogs as a management tool: what’s important is content

If you've read my post about blogs as a management tool, your reaction may (and should) have been "this will generate so much content that it will quickly besome unable". This clear-headed reaction is...

Hello world!

I'm half proud, half stressed now I'm going to publish my first post on this blog. I'm a french management consultant and I've been writing about management, collective intelligence and collaborative practices for more than...
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