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How digital can improve the travel experience

Digital Transforms customer relationship and service in any industry. Today let's focus on the travel industry. How could players in the travel industry use digital to go to the next stage ? An frequent answer...

No one buys connected objects

If connected objects are the next big revolution, it seems that - as often - there's going to be a time gap between the announced invasion and the actual landing. Moreover, IT spending predictions...

In the age of context the web is a collective intelligence platform

Connected objects, (big) data, social networks. They are today's hot topic even if the general public and even businesses don't really understand what it's really about. Each concept taken alone is poorly understood and...

Will the connected and robots economy pass the truth test ?

Tomorrow everything will happen online. Of course for us, individuals, but also for many objects which connectedness will enable to produce and share data and, finally become intelligent what means being able to receive...

Men and robots : what work relationships ?

Recently I heard someone stating this during a conversations "We're going to work more and more with robot.  Anyway, they're already around". Then someone replied "No. We're not going to work with them. They're...

Connected watches looking for compelling use cases

Connected watches are not really new but the launch of the Apple Watch is highlighting this market. The number of enthusiastic and skeptical voices show that the product is not uncontroversial. Will the smart...

The end of search and the advent of the non benevolent assistance

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Why such a frenzy about HR Bots ?

chatbots, relation client, relation employé, Ressources Humaines, service employé, chatbots HR,gestion de la relation employé,

Chatbots, and then what?

chatbots, expérience, expérience utilisateur, google, interface
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