The ROI of transformation : an disturbing truth

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Is technology really evil?

As far back as I can remember, technology has always been suspected of bringing us the worst evils without the prophecies finally being fulfilled. Lack of knowledge of the subject by the prophets who...

Web 2.0 turned the digital divide into a social divide

Digital divide used to be and still is a real concern in our industrialized countries. Maybe we should end talking about industrialized countries to say "computerized countries" what seems to be more relevant with...

Personal Branding won’t go without Corporate Branding

Personal Branding is a very fashionable topic today. More than that, it's a deep trend that is overdiscussed because of its yougness. A day will come that it will be so obvious that no-one...

Is coding the new grail or only smoke and mirrors ?

Is the learning of code by everyone what will - as we often read - make businesses successful in the digital economy ? Will it be a necessary skill for the future (and event...

Fake news : should the answer be technological or human ?

Dealing with Fake News has become a really hot issue for any media platform. From Facebook that takes the question very seriously to the french leading newspaper "Le Monde" that recently launched a kind...

Social media make critical thinking critical

If there's a competence and attitude anyone should develop because it has become critical to survive in the era of the web and social media, it's critical thinking. How many Hoax do circulate, even...

What personal business model in the new economy

Summary : Beyond enterprise 2.0 and social business, there's a major change in value creation models. Unfortunately, in  these models that are still in preparation, it's hard to determine causal relationships between participation in...

Enterprise 2.0 and ROI : beyond numbers it’s about meaningful arbitrations

The debate on the ROI of Enterprise 2.0 is far from its end even if I often have the impression that avoiding the question is a common easy answer. Either the "we don't care"...

Is internet dangerous for kids or does parents misunderstand what happens

This blog post by Jon Husband and the  article from the Guardian it menstions takes me to wonder about the presumed impact of the net and its use on kids. People worry about the time...

Moving toward business models of a new kind : the example of “Danone Supporting...

One thing is sure : the "after the crisis world" will be very different from what it was before. It may seem obvious, but if we have a closer look at what happened in...

The young don’t care about tech and that’s an issue

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old vs new

Is there really an old and a new world?

Many debates on the opposition between a new and an old world. Whether we are talking about business, companies, society or politics, the opposition between so-called new and old worlds is omnipresent. This is all...

This is the world we live in

This is the nth update of a famous series I've already blogged the previous pieces before. No need to add anything. (Found thanks to Luis Suarez). I'm still curious to know how "common people" react...

A 15 yo consultant wrote a white paper about teenagers. And so what ?

The case made much noise last week. A  15 years old consultant at Morgan Stanley produced a white paper on how young people of his generation uses medias. And all the world to swoon...

Are MOOCs new distribution, education or business models ?

The rise of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) is said prefiguring the future of leaning. Accessible by all, wherever people are, they are the response to today's need and most of all meet the...

The problem with knowledge economy : it does not exist !

Summary : Enterprise 2.0 or social business initiatives aim at crafting organizations that fit what we call the knowledge economy. And that's quite hard...for one reason. The knowledge economy does not exist. Knowledge work...

The future of business starts at school. Still a long way to go

Résumé :despite enterprises know they need to change the way they work, they make very slow progress at undertaking a deep change process. The unwieldiness ot their organizational structure is not the only reason...

To solve anything, click here

Is technology the answer to all our problems or is it an easy way to shrug off our responsibilities and capacities of judgement and decision in face of a manufactured idol ? Are Silicon...
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