Change or don’t change..but don’t stay on the middle of the ford

Summary : as any strategic project, a social business or enterprise 2.0 one need deep changes in the organization to be successful. One the most common causes of failure is that not all the...

Is web 2.0 dead or is business replacing buzzyness ?

You must have felt this agitation that went through the blogosphere these last day, but that was also relayed by traditional medias. Web 2.0 is dead. The rumor didn't start from this note from...

Enterprise and business first, 2.0 and social second

Summary : Enterprise 2.0 and social business when they become, as it often happens, their own goal, struggle to convince businesses of their significance. The reason is simple : beyond soft and qualitative benefits,...

Innovation at Google : a model to follow ?

A few weeks ago I read a note on Internet Actu , about Google's innovation model, where many expert gave their opinion on whether it was a model to follow or an...

Balanced Scorecard, value creation, and entreprise 2.0 : anyone can help ?

My thought of the moments are taking me to places where my knowledge reaches its limits and where I don't find (or not as quickly as I want) relevant informations. So I'm submiting you my...

The Next Step in Open Innovation

Distributed innovation, collaboration with clients and partners are becoming central in companies' strategic reflexion. To learn more about this subject I often discuss here, it's at McKinsey's.

CE0 concerns : network driven business models

What are CxOs real concerns ? How do they undertsand current issues ? Lots of people are talking about the need for companies to change in order to evolve in the context that is...

New jobs description for Enterprise 2.0 ? Try the Enterprise 2.0 job profiler

Every day I notice that many companies, conscious that their move toward Enterprise 2.0 -like dynamics is a major issue, are beginning to hire people for new kinds of jobs. It's both about aligning...

Even in downturns, human capital has to be protected

Because they didn't have the time (or the will) to make the structural decisions that would help to face a downturn, companies often react by acting on the easiest adjustment variables : • Cuts in...

A strategy for enterprise 2.0 or enterprise 2.0 for strategy ?

Willing to build enterprise 2.0 is a nice project, most of all, it's important to know why. As I often said (here for example) if the project supports your straegy it helps making people...

Boards in the mist

Boards have to be mobilized in order to make the right decisions to survive the crisis. Nothing new. But according to this essay from McKinsey, it's far from being that simple. Three reasons are put...

Avoiding risk may be a very risky strategy

Are we we talking about changing the way people work or about the need to interact differently with partners and clients, despite an unanswerable analysis of the context and the proven existence of many...

Do your prefer Jazz Ensembles or Symphonic Orchestras ?

Taken from the cover of "Boston Consulting Group on Strategy" : "The winning organization of the future will look more like a collection of jazz ensembles than a symphony orchestra."

Beyond social CRM : social stakeholders management

Last week I wrote what social CRM meant to me. It's the inevitable step toward the implementation of a customer relationship management of a new nature. Clients are not only marketing objectfs or elements...

Did you find my strategy ? Lost a part of it on my way...

That's a question many companies could ask themselve. In fact they didn't lost their strategy but only half of it. As I already said many companies and people tend to mistake means for goals. Said...

Collaborative enterprise project : Feedback Needed

One of my contacts is progressing on the HR component of a corporate project. He lauched some projects, initiatives and would like to exchange about it with people with similar experciences in order to...

Is relocating production a good idea?

As soon as COVID-19 began to spread and reached the stage of a pandemic, the first conclusion drawn was that Western countries had to relocate production to their territory.
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