Enterprise and intranet 2.0 : starting from the right point

These late days we could see a lot of posts about enterprise 2.0 adoption, some of them saying it will be very hard, others saying that enterprise 2.0 won't change the organisation. In...

A McKinsey survey about web 2.0 in business

It's definetively the hot topic of the moment. One more survey about web 2.0 in business. It's from McKinsey and it's freely available here (just have to register). It's rather short and I let...

What about a digg like on your intranet ?

A few days ago someone asked me about the interest of using u a digg-like tool on an intranet and if I knew about such experiences. It was hard for me to find such examples...

About social computing’s ROI

There's a lot of interesting conversations about social computing's ROI these days. The fact is as social computing has a very strong human component, it's also very qualitative. So let's try to to translate...

Social Software : think about people first

Considering social software, I've always thought that social practices and people's waits were more important that the "system". I didn't say anything else in wy mote about alignment : tool is the consequence of...
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