The CHRO, the extended enterprise and the freelancer

Alors qu'on nous promet la génération du modèle freelance en remplacement du salariat, cela pose la question de la stratégie RH face à l'entreprise étendue.

Frédéric Tardy (Axa) : insurance agent is a job for the future in a...

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Axa partners with startups

How AXA partners with startups. An Interview with Elise Bert Leduc

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The future of the work contract

The future of the work contract is Terms of Use

Digital transformation is not only disrupting the way we work, it's also transforming the employment framework. Work and work contract, for instance, will never be the same and some predict that such concepts are...
Digital and sharing economy

Are services the limit to the sharing economy ?

The sharing economy is disrupting traditional approaches and questions the position of former leaders. Its growth made possible by the web and the platform economy (it's easer to find people to share with when...
Digital Business Model

Stop looking for disruptive digital business models

As I've said many times since the beginning of the year, digital transformation is on its way, the rocket has been launched but most businesses don't know how to land it. As a reminder,...
Thriving in the data economy

Thriving in the data economy requires a legal framework and boldness. An Interview with...

Everybody's talking about the data economy but few are really doing it. Some are aware but don't know where to start, some are stuck into their internal complexity and a legal framework that does...
Uberization and taxization

Uberization of business, taxization of customer relationship

Uberization is the word of year 2015 and, considering recent events, it's not close to disappear. If we could thank Maurice Levy for having started the debate through this neologism, the word imperfectly describes...

Are the leaders of the Uber Economy here to last ?

What's exciting with digital economy is that every time a revolution happens, we're looking forward to the next one. More seriously, it's not because overfunded businesses reached a nearly hegemonic position in a couple...

Should Uber buy Tesla’s autonomous cars ?

I completely agree with Bill Gates : the so-called war between Uber and taxis is nothing but a momentary up-and-down. The real big change will happen when cars won't need drivers anymore. That day...

Is the monetization of mediocrity the future of the end of online media ?

A long time ago the audience was king and media had to bring a real added value to make people buy what they offered. This added value was at a minimal level information and...

With digital the space between companies and customers is infinite

Being close to the customer is essentiel for brands from a marketing standpoint. The closer the biggest presence in the customer's life, the more obvious the brand is when it comes to make a...

Google and Alphabet : more transparent but DNA at risk

So Google has become Alphabet. Rather, tomorrow's Google will only be about the company's core business and the rest, mainly research project with an uncertain issue will be hosted by other subsidiaries of Alphabet...

Unuberization : the Accorhotels way

In a previous post I discussed the myths and realities of uberization. One of my conclusions was that there was no inevitability there and that it wasn't the preserve of tech companies. A few weeks...

What does “being Ubered” mean ?

That's the buzzword of the moment : "being ubered". Since Publicis CEO Maurice Levy coined the word during an interview, there's not a single week without a paper about it. But what does "being ubered"...

Is market the future of enterprise ?

In a context of uncertainty and perpetual disruption, there is only one thing certain for businesses : they will have to learn to adapt and reinvent themselves continuously. What implies a couple of things : -...

Experience breaks down the walls between sectors

The latest PWC CEO study showed a major trend : to stay competitive, most leaders think they have to enter new sectors and many already did. That can be explained in many ways. The first...

The steps to becoming an experience company

Even when one is convinced that the future of marketing is customer experience, that there's no customer experience without employee experience and that the whole approach has a sound economic value, pragmatism forces to...

No business got ubered. Jobs did.

Maurice Levy, the CEO of Publicis, found the perfect words. "Everybody is starting to worry about being Ubered". The image speaks for itself : we imagine a horde of barbarians besieging a market, forcing...

Tomorrow’s enterprise will be collaborative, today’s wont.

The future of enterprise is collaboration and, more broadly, new forms of organizations where power is more distributed, competences et knowledge more shared and structure self-reconfigurable. But we must admit that, except some exceptions and...
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