A mass experience. Irritant #3 of the employee experience

In the key components of a successful customer experience I had identified personalization and even hyper-personalization. Applied to the employee experience it is another criterion that does not pass the crash test.

Who should be eligible to remote working?

One of the first questions that arises when setting up a remote working approach is "who will be eligible" to remote work. I would prefer to ask "for which cases of use"...

How to organize for remote working?

In the series " Remote working is more than just putting people at a distance with a wifi connection " I'm going to talk about some essential practices to organize oneself at...

Young people and businesses: not that a disruptive view

A few weeks ago Jam Trends published a study on the relationship between young people and business, entitled "What businesses (still) have to offer young people" (in French). We can read almost...

Remote working: not just an HR benefit but a continuity tool in case of...

The strikes we experienced in Paris at the beginning of this year have led many companies to experiment teleworking willingly or unwillingly and the Coronavirus episode puts the subject back on the...

Are businesses doing too much for their employees?

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Everybody Wants to Love Their Job

The question of the relationship between employees and their work and their company remains a subject that is much in the news. It seems that the subject will be eternally topical, which would not...
Size does not matter

Preconceived ideas on the transformation of small and medium-sized businesses

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Candidate.ID: how to nurture your candidate base

Another startup that caught my attention in Unleash Amsterdam: Candidate.ID. I had already spotted them and talked to them last year and I took the opportunity to look at their product in more detail. They...

Pathmotion: improve the storytelling of your employer brand

After Golden Bees, Pathmotion is the second startup I spotted at Unleash18 in Amsterdam. For me Pathmotion is a natural evolution of HR marketing and candidate experience for different reasons. The first is that just as...

Discover Golden Bees: programmatic marketing for recruitment

Golden Bees is one of the startups that caught my attention at Unleash18. It is a solution that for me is at the crossroads of two strong trends: 1°) The consumerization of the organization: the...

#UNLEASH18 Day 2: a short tour of the vendors and startups

After a first one dedicated mainly to business approaches, for this second day at Unleash18 Amsterdam I looked more at vendors and startups. Before coming back to some of these points in more detail,...

#Unleash18 Day 1 : My Wrap-Up

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2018 is the year of the Employee, Oracle says

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Is the feedback applications market saturated ?

This year again, feedbacks apps were very well represented at the  Unleash conference in London. Feedback apps : a response to an essential need Feedbacks are a cornerstone of modern management if not of any modern...

Scoop : Millenials love work and money !

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hr tools adoption

HR Tools adoption : is it a change or a design related issue ?

As I said here, one of the things I noticed at the latest 'UNLEASH Conference & Expo edition was the importance given to HR Tools solutions. It's not a new matter but it's taking...

Culture, engagement and leadership : there’s no app for that !

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UNLEASH18 : my take

Last week I attended leash18, the london-based spring edition of UNLEASH Conference & Expo, formerly HRTech. I already wrote a post explaining my understanding of this rebranding through some major trends forcing HRT to...
HR and productivity

HR and productivity : a really insoluble equation ?

As I mentioned here, expectations about HR are changing : after personnel administrative management, talent management and engagement, HR are expected to have an impact on productivity. While mentioning HR and productivity in the...
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